Thursday, 5 October 2017

Weekly Learning Review Week Ending: 4/10/2017

Weekly Learning Review

Class:      Year 4      Week Ending: 4/10/2017
·         We continued on the unit, ‘Stories from the Past’. Students solved comprehension on ‘Anne’s First Day’.
·         Children wrote a story map to help plan for writing a story from the past pertaining to last week’s building blocks of a story (characters, plot, and setting). They were assigned to write the complete story for homework. It will be due on Sunday.
·         Students were introduced to their second spelling list, which consisted of the prefix ‘inter’.
·         In grammar, we discussed the four types of sentences: statements, questions, commands and exclamations.
·         In Book Club, we started reading the first chapter of Matilda. The students were assigned to complete chapter 1 by next week.
·         Children have continued multiplication and division.
·         Students were taught multiple strategies for multiplying numbers. Activities and maths workshops were held to understand the multiplication concept of regrouping and carrying forward.

·         Students learned how skeletons grow as humans grow, support and protect the body.
·         Students were taught the functions of the skeleton and its purposes.
·         Topics was not covered this week due to Thursday’s holiday (4A) and demo of volleyball and tag rugby practice (4B).
Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship Education
·         Students were taught to consider the feelings of others.
·         Children will develop their ability to work as a group and understand why working as a group can sometimes be an advantage.

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