Thursday, 12 October 2017

Weekly Learning Review - Week Ending: 12/10/2017

Weekly Learning Review
Class:      Year 4      Week Ending: 12/10/2017
·       In literacy, we are using role play to perform a play. The students are comparing plays to stories.
·       The students are learning to write a script of scenes from a play.
·       In grammar, the students worked on punctuation in the different sentence types.
·       The focus of spelling this week are the prefixes “il-“, “im-“, and “ir-“. This prefix means “not”.
·       In handwriting, the students are creating different styles and decoration for the letters. This strengthens their fine motor skills, allowing them to have better control of the pencil.
·       In maths, students are learning about lengths regarding centimetres, metres, and kilometres.
·       Children are learning to find the missing number in an addition or subtraction sentence.

·       Students know that skeletons grow as humans grow, support, and protect the body. They learned that the skeleton protects our organs.
·       Children also learned that there are different kinds of muscles in the body. They understand that animals with skeletons have muscles attached to the bones.
·       In geology, we learned about the different bodies of water.
·       We learned about the different coasts and how the body of water shapes the coast.
Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship Education
·       The children understood the importance of friendship and how we can sometimes disagree with someone and still remain friends.


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