Friday, 27 October 2017

Weekly Learning Review

Weekly Learning Review

Class:      Year 4                                       Week Ending: 26/10/2017
·         In spelling, students learned words with suffixes ‘-ment’.
·         We revised all grammar topics took the previous weeks (punctuation, types of sentences, and verbs).
·         We discussed and role played the novel, ‘Matilda’.
·         Students wrote a spooky Halloween story.
·         In Maths, students learned how to measure length with a ruler.
·         Students learned how to convert millimetres to centimetres, centimetres to metres, and metres to kilomet.
·         The children counted the area in each shape.
·         This week, we revised Topic 1, ‘Humans and Animals’. Students were assessed on Wednesday.
·         No topics lesson was given this week due to Halloween and revision of science.  
Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship Education
·         The children examined the meaning of friendship. We talked about what makes a good friend and how important it is to say ‘sorry’.


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