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Weekly Learning Review : 18th of January 2018

Weekly Learning Review
Class: 4A & 4B                               Week Ending: 18/1/2018
·         Spelling: Defined words with ‘tious’ and ‘tion’ endings. Each spelling term was defined and practiced via quizlet. Here is the link for extra practice at home: https://quizlet.com/259195365/spelling-week-1-flash-cards/
·         Reading Comprehension: Read the passage ‘A Dragon in the Cage’ and plotted the main events. Discussions were based on words that helped describe the setting.
·         Grammar: Defined adverb and how it helps verbs. Adverbs can be differentiated by adverbs of manner (how), adverbs of time (when) and adverbs of place (where).
·         Writing: Students learned how to plan and write a creative story with different settings.  Reviewed the story elements (characters, setting and plot).
·         Vocabulary: Word list was made for extra-guided practice on chapter 6 from the book ‘Matilda’ via quizlet. We reviewed the previous chapters. Here is the link for extra practice at home: https://quizlet.com/259641353/matilda-chapter-6-vocabulary-words-flash-cards/
·         Odds or Evens: Students learned how to categorise odd and even numbers.
·         Positive and Negative Integers: Introduction to the concept of negative numbers through simple equations and the use of a number line that is extended beyond zero in the negative (left) direction.
·         States of Matter: Students know that matter has three states; solid, liquid and gas. Solids are characterized by their fixed shape. Liquids take the shape of any container, can flow, have a surface and cannot be compressed easily. Gas also take the shape of any container and can flow. They can be compressed easily.
·         Science Lab: Students went to the science lab and looked at different materials. They classified them as solid, liquid or gas by testing its properties. They squashed, see if it flows and placed it in different containers. Students recorded their findings in their science workbook.
·         This term, we will learn about the history of Britain. We will start with prehistoric Britain. The prehistoric period is divided into three ‘ages’. They are known as the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, and the Iron Age. Students will explore how people lived during those periods.
Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship Education
·         Animals: We discussed why people may adopt a pet and then abandon it shortly afterwards. Also, we discussed about responsibilities of having a pet at home. Students learned about different voluntary organisations like RSPCA and ELSA and how they impact animals’ lives. Students created a poster to advertise for people to join the RSPCA as volunteers.
4a Pondering Pandas: mawad@ise.edu.eg / 4b Decent Dragons: feldakak@ise.edu.eg

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