Friday, 2 March 2018

Weekly Learning Review 1st of March 2018

Weekly Learning Review
Class:   4A & 4B                   Week Ending:    29/2/2018
·         Spelling:  This week, we spelled and defined words with suffix ‘ive’. We recalled the difference between prefixes and suffixes and defined the terms as a class. Here is the link for extra help:
·         Reading Comprehension: This week, we introduced non- fiction informational texts. We identified aspects of such texts like the contents, index’ and learned about alphabetical order. We discussed the fact that information texts contain mainly facts but the author can show opinion by choice of words or by the information chosen or left out.
·         Creative Writing: Students developed and refined ideas in writing using planning strategies.
·         Grammar: We reviewed grammar concepts from the beginning of the term such as speech, pronouns, auxiliary verbs, contractions and adverbs.
·         Book Club: Matilda chapters 15 and 16
·         Addition: Students can add two digit problems together. We reviewed the words addend, addition and sum.
·         Subtraction: Students learned how to subtract two digit numbers from each other. They learned the concept of borrowing and basic subtraction rules: Subtracting a bigger number from a smaller number.
·         Sound: Students explored how sounds are made when objects, materials or air vibrate. Students collected evidence of different types of sounds in rural areas and cities; made relevant observations and comparisons in a variety of contexts and presented results in drawings, bar charts and tables
Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship Education
·         Committee: Students learned that a committee is a group of people appointed or elected to study a problem, plan an event or perform a specific duty.
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Please look out for details of the upcoming Year 4 Wellspring residential trip- 22-23 April, 2018!

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