Saturday, 24 March 2018

Weekly Learning Review - Week Ending: 22 March 2018

Weekly Learning Review

Class:   4A&4B               Week Ending: 22/3/2018
·         Spelling: Revised all spelling lists learned in Term 2.
·         Grammar: Revised nouns, verbs, subjects, adverbs, adjectives, parts of speech and contractions
·         Writing: Revised gathering information from informational texts using it to write reports. 
·         Comprehension: Revised comprehension strategies like: reading the question twice and circling important information.  Comprehension was solved using the computer in the ICT room. Use this website for further comprehension assignments:
·         Revised the following topics:
·         Place Value
·         Ordering
·         Odd or Even numbers
·         Doubling and Halving
·         Capacity
·         Time
·         Adding and subtracting two-three digit numbers together
·         Multiplication and division
·         Ordering fractions
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