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Weekly Learning Review : Week Ending: 9th of March 2018

Weekly Learning Review

Class:   4A & 4B                                          Week Ending: 15/3/2018
·         Spelling: Revised all spelling words took from Term 2.
·         Reading Comprehension: Read the ‘Tsunami’ text from the Pupil Book. We discussed what they understood from the text and answered the appropriate set of questions. Students also located the index and contents in information texts.
·         Creative Writing: Students wrote paragraphs using different types of information.
·         Grammar: Students labelled parts of speech, subjects and objects. They learned how to identify and properly use prepositions.
·         Book Club - Matilda: We did an activity based on the chapter ‘The Third Miracle’. Students role played the chapter. The class was then divided into groups and made a front page of a newspaper, with its headlining article the events at Crunchem Primary School. They learned that the front page of a newspaper includes a title, a catchy by-line, paragraphs, an account of the shocking event and eyewitness accounts.
·         Eight Times Table: Children learned a tip to memorize the eight times table. The numbers in the eight times table are always even. This means they can be divided by 2 without a remainder. The tip is that the unit digits have a regular pattern – they go down in 2s.
·         Ordering Fractions: Students can compare two fractions with different numerators and different denominators. They extended their understanding of fraction equivalence and ordering.
·         Sound: Students investigated how sound travels through different materials to the ear. Sound can travel through air by waves. It travels faster through liquids than air because the vibrations cannot spread out much. Sounds travel even faster through solids as the vibrations can spread out even less.
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