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Weekly Learning Review -Week Ending: 17th of May

Weekly Learning Review
Class: Year 4A & 4B                                       Week Ending: 17/5/2018
·         Spelling: We defined words with ‘ou’ and ‘au’. Students practised spelling the words using Quizlet:
·         Reading Comprehension: Learners read the passage “Paper” and worked in pairs to solve the set of questions. They learned how to identify key points in each paragraph and decide the purpose of the text.
·         Creative Writing: Pupils learned how to write persuasive point of views. They learned how to plan the argument and collect facts to back up each point.
·         Grammar: Phrases are a group of words that form parts of a sentence. They are usually short and do not make sense on their own. The children learned how to differentiate between phrases and sentences.
·         Weight: Grams are a metric unit of measurement that you can use to measure the mass, or weight, of an object. Kilograms measures heavier things. One kilogram is equalled to 1000 grams. Students learned how to convert grams to kilograms and vice versa. They went to the Science Laboratory to measure different objects and record their findings.
·         Subtraction: Students learned how to regroup in subtraction.
·         Electrical Circuits: The children learned how to construct complete circuits using switch, cell (battery), wire and lamps.
·         Building Circuits: This unit is a practical one in which the students apply what they learned in Electrical Circuits and gain further experience and knowledge of circuits. The learners went to the Science Laboratory and enjoyed working with components to build systems. They concluded that all circuits need a source of power, wires and bulbs.
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