Thursday, 7 June 2018

Weekly Learning Review - Week Ending: 07.06.2018

Weekly Learning Review
Class: 4A & 4B                                            Week Ending: 7/6/2018
·         Spelling: This week’s spelling list was based on common words used daily. We used Quizlet flashcards to introduce words and definitions. The spellers guessed the words from pictures and definitions. Here is the link:
·          Reading Comprehension: The children read a text and solved the appropriate set of questions. The text is called The New Boy’ and is set in England. It was about a boy who has just arrived from India. In the story, the boy faced different problems and issues. The readers identified the issues from the texts. At the end, we discussed the feelings of starting a new school or a new class.
·         Creative Writing: The writers wrote paragraphs that includes speech and narrative for an illustrated scenario.  They made sure that their paragraph starts with an indent and that it includes powerful adjectives and verbs.
·         Grammar: This week, we learned about direct and indirect speeches. A direct speech is enclosed in inverted commas or speech marks. An indirect speech focuses more on the content of what someone said rather than their exact words.
·         Data: The mathematicians learned about Carroll and Venn Diagrams. They interpreted and presented discrete and continuous data using the methods.
·         Division: The students used place value, known and derived facts to divide mentally by 10, 5 and 2. Also, they have learned how to divide by using long division.
·         Magnets: The young scientists explored the forces between magnets and know that magnets can attract or repel each other. They come in many different shapes but they all have a north and a south pole. The force exerted by a magnet is strongest at its poles.
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